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Repair,Rehabilitation & Restoration

We have the engineering expertise and domain knowledge in the field of Repair, Rehabilitation and Restoration services -

  • Root-cause analysis and repair strategies
  • Selection of repair materials & durable repair systems
  • Undertaking of brown field repairs
  • Undertaking repair of running hospital, shopping malls, high rise structures, airport buildings, hotels, software park, retail outlets, pharma industry, biotech industry etc.,
  • Undertaking of bridge repairs, dam repairs, power house repairs, IDCT/NDCT of power plant, repair of underground structures
  • Undertaking of structural repairs of mass transit system like expansion joint repair, bridge bearing repair, waterproofing of metro stations, injection system etc.,

We help you overcome deterioration in structures due to

  • Corrosion of steel
  • Environmental Effects
  • Poor Quality construction practices
  • Poor Quality Supervision
  • Design flaws
  • Spalling of concrete cover, Swelling of concrete due to Alkali Aggregate reaction (AAR), Cracks parallel to the reinforcement, Spalling at edges, Dislocation, Internal cracking and reduction in area of steel reinforcement
  • Freezing & thawing, Thermal effects, Shrinkage stresses
  • High porosity
  • Improper choice of cement type for the conditions of exposure
  • Inadequate curing
  • Exposure of structural element to alternate cycles of wetting and drying
  • Chemical attack on concrete like a) Acid attack b) Alkali attack c) Carbonation d) Chloride attack e) Leaching f) Salt attack g) Sulphate attack
  • Biofouling in concrete - Unwanted growth of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wet surfaces of concrete structures
  • materials
  • Effluents from industries
  • Inorganic acids
  • Shrinkage & Creep etc.

We have the technical expertise in wide range of repairs -

  • Stitching of cracks
  • Injecting cracks using epoxy, PU & Microfine cements
  • Expansion & Construction joint repairs
  • PU/EP grouting for underground structures
  • External prestressing
  • Corrosion inhibitors(CI) coatings on concrete structures & special concreting with CI powder form
  • Micro-concreting, self compacting concreting
  • Polymer modified mortar repair & Epoxy repair mortar
  • Self compacting concreting
  • Anti corrosive coating
  • Coal Tar epoxy coating systems
  • Sacrificial materials instead of corroding steel
  • Cathodic protection
  • Waterproof coating systems
  • Concrete protective coating systems
  • Uplifting grade slab etc.,